The First Year First semester examination will be started on 19th May 2022. Click here for Ammended timetable.

Accommodate hostels only for the final year registered hostel occupants

As we have to commence academic activities for the final year students on 20th
July 2020, it is required to be accommodated the hostels only for the final year

First year hostel occupants have to come and take away your belongings from the
1 st year hostels on 13 th or 14 th July 2020(Monday and Tuesday) as we have to
provide those rooms to the final years. If you have requested it is possible to
provide a room to keep your (properly locked) luggage in the same hostel till 1 st
year academic activities commence.

Final year hostel occupants have to come and stay in the hostels on 18 th or 19 th
July 2020.(Saturday and Sunday) according to the health precautions of Covid
19. Please meet your hostel warden and ask your room number.

Special Note:
Please note that 1 st year hostel occupants are not allowed to spend the night on
13 th or 14 th July 2020 due to health precautions of Covid 19.

The Internet Society is now accepting applications for this year's IGF Youth Ambassadors Program
Please, note that the call for applications will close on 28 June 2020.
Following students who have applied for the special repeat examination need to contact relevant Heads of the Departments to clarify regarding assignments.

Civil 1st year
S/N NAME Admission No.
1 A.S.H.Arangalla COL/CE/2015/F/0056
2 M.M.M. Fasan COL/CE/2015/F/0066
3 M.F.M. Fairoos COL/CE/2015/F/0094
4 M.M. Safran MAT/CE/2014/F/0097
5 P. Mayuran 2013/077
6 M. Gowthaman 2013/054
7 M.D.H. Imeshan 2012/040
8 D.D.M. Perera 2012/330
9 S. Suren 2012/211
10 V.A.K.D. Madusanka 2012/345
11 K.D. Lokuvithana 2012/015
Civil 2nd year
S/N NAME Admission No.
1 C.S.L. Weerasinghe MAT/CE/2014/F/0065
2 R.R.P.J.W.M.R.I.L. Hulangamuwa MAT/CE/2014/F/0091
3 P. Mayuran 2013/077
4 M.D.H.Imeshan 2012/040
5 B.P.K.G. Balasinghe 2012/085
6 D.D.M. Perera 2012/330
7 K.D. Lokuvitharana 2012/015
8 H.A.A.S. Hettiarachchi 2010/263
9 H.P. Jayasirwardhana 2010/100
Civil 3rd year
S/N NAME Admission No.
1 S.N. Withanachchi 2013/059
2 P. Mayuran 2013/077
3 B.P.K.G. Balasinghe 2012/085
4 V.A.K.D. Madusanka 2012/345
5 H.P. Jayasiriwardhana 2010/100
old Syllubus 2nd year
S/N Name Admission No.
1 D.D.A.C. Wijesundara 08/66
Old sylubus 3rd year
S/N Name Admission No.
1 D.D.A.C. Wijesundara 08/66

Electrical 1st year
S/N Name  Index No. 
1 J.A. D.B. Jayasinghe COL/EE/2015/F/0027
2 Y.M.S.A. Bandara COL/EE/2015/F/0043
3 D.N. Vithanage COL/EE/2015/F/0049
4 W.A.Madushanka COL/EE/2015/F/0060
5 N.S.R Siriwardhana COL/EE/2015/F/0065
6 M.A.H.P. Kumara COL/EE/2015/F/0074
7 G.M.A.I. Sandaruwan COL/EE/2015/F/0083
8 E.K. Arachchi COL/EE/2015/F/0085
9 A.K.C.Madhushanka COL/EE/2015/F/0100
10 A.P.D.Sandaruwan COL/EE/2015/F/0106
11 W.A.C.C. Jayarathne COL/EE/2015/F/0108
12 E.A.N.R. Elpitiya MAT/EE/2014/F/0209
13 S.D. Priyankara MAT/EE/2014/F/0259
14 J.S.J. Lenan 2013/202
12 L.K.M.K. Rathnayake COL/EE/2015/F/0121
13 M.G.A.L. Aberathna COL/EE/2015/F/0078
Electrical 2nd Year
S/N Name Admission No.
1 R.C. Lakmal  MAT/EE/2014/F/0136
2 S.W.B.I. Srilal MAT/EE/2014/F/0254
3 H.A.A. Uddhika MAT/EE/2014/F/0151
4 J.S.J. Lenan 2013/202
5 W.A.C. Arawinda 2010/180
6 K.A.A.G. Somawansa 2010/166
Electrical 3rd year
S/N Name Admission No.
1 J.S.J. Lenan 2013/202
2 A.K.P. Kumarasiri 2012/445
Old syllubus 1st year
S/N Name Admission No.
1 W.A.C. Arawinda 2010/280
Old Syllubus 2nd year
S/N Name Admission No.
1 A.G.A. Prasad 02/110

Mechanical 1st year
S/N NAME Admission No
1 L.P.A.D.K.Premalal COL/ME/2015/F/0005
2 P.I. Pasan COL/ME/2015/F/0010
3 J.A.OU.N. Jayasimghe COL/ME/2015/F/0048
4 A.N. Wijesinghe MAT/ME/2014/F/320
5 M.W.L. Dilhan MAT/ME/2014/F/361
6 D.J.N. Lakmal MAT/ME/2012/F/162
Mechanical 2nd year
S/N NAME Admission No
1 A.V. Deshapriya MAT/ME/2014/F/0360
2 G.A.J. Chandimal MAT/ME/2014/F/0145
3 D.J.M. Lakmal MAT/ME/2012/F/0162
4 P.U.K. Ariyapperuma MAT/ME/2010/F/0201
Old syluubus 2nd year
S/N Name Admission No
1 W.N. Iresha 05/170
Old syllubus 3rd year
S/N Name Admission No
1 W.N. Ireshan 05/170

BSE 1st year
S/N Name With Initials Admission No.
1 R.P.Balasuriya COL/BS/2015/F/0006
2 H.P.S.S. Gunathilake MAT/BS/2014/F/0436
3 R.A.N. Thushanra MAT/BS/2014/F/0444
4 H.K.J. Amesh 2012/462
5 W.A. Asanka 2012/388
BSE 2nd year
S/N Name With Initials Admission No.
1 H.P.S.S. Gunathilake MAT/BS/2014/F/0436
2 R.A.N. Thushara MAT/BS/2014/F/0444

QS 1st year
S/N NAME Admission No.
1 J.M. Arshath COL/QS/2015/F/0025

Students who are willing to participate, please follow the instruction given below.

Topic: Data Communication and Network -IP Address
Time: Apr 28, 2020 04:00 PM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 772 7069 9198
Password: 9eTVkq

The Convocation of SLIATE will be held On 22nd & 23rd of December 2019 at BMICH.  Candidates are called for collecting cloaks and other necessary documents from your ATI from 13th to 19th December 2019, from 8.45a.m. to 3.45p.m.

Employability Survey form should be downloaded from the SLIATE web and filled form to be submitted to your ATI when you are coming to collect the cloak. The cloak will be issued only after submitting the filled survey form.

Further, you have to confirm whether you received the following documents from your ATI;

  1. Two invitation cards for 02 guests.
  2. Car pass (to enter to the BMICH) & Tokens for refreshment.
  3. Order of Proceedings.
  4. Label carrying your seat number.

Director General

Download this file (EScorrected .pdf)Survey Form[ ]276 kB

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