Please refer the attachments for Mahapola application form and Mahapola instructions form. 

The closing date to reach Mahapola application to ATI has been extended up to 15th October 2021
Download this file (Application2020.pdf)Application[ ]805 kB
Download this file (Instruction2020.pdf)Instructions[ ]347 kB

For 1st year students who eligible for hostels of ATI-Mattakkuliya

MOH of the Mattakkuliya area has approved to open the hostels of ATI Mattakkuliya and accommodate 50% of its capacity.

All 1st year male students who eligible for hostels and forty (40) female students (Attachment)are allowed to accommodate hostels on 07th March 2021.The other 25 female students who missed chance to accommodate hostels will be given a grace chance to complete their examination.

If any 1st year student has not come to accommodate hostel before 5.00 p.m. on 08th March 2021, his/her place will be given to another student. There will be no opportunity to request again for hostel facilities later.

According to the instructions of Director General of SLIATE, if any 1st year student who is eligible for hostel accommodation and eligible to sit the examination is absent for the subjects scheduled on 08th March and onwards, she/he will not be given a grace chance to complete the examination without a valid reason.

Please note that the instructions given in the ATI web notice appeared on 16.02.2021 are also applicable.


Download this file (HostelSelectedListGirl2021.pdf)List of Students[ ]15 kB

This is to inform you that the semester examination will be conducted as scheduled.

But according to the instructions of MOH of Mattakkuliya area, the hostels will not be opened.

Please note that according to the instructions of Director General SLIATE, the students who are  eligible to accommodate ATI  hostels and unable to attend semester two examination according  this situation, will be given a grace chance to sit the examination next year.

ATI- Colombo

Please refer the attachment
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Please refer the attachment.
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