2017 Past Papers

Semester Year Subject
2017 First Semester 1 Reading & Vocabulary Development
Professional writing I
Listening in English Listening Skills I
Language Structure Usage and Linguistics I
Introduction to English Literature
2017 First Semester 1 Business Mathematics
Commercial Awareness
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
Introduction to Computers
2017 First Semester 1 Fundamentals of Marketing Management
Maintaining Financial Records
Introduction to Computing
2017 First Semester 1 Agro Meteorology and Principles of Crop Production
Principles of Soil Science and Soil Properties
Crop Production Technologies- Paddy and Cereals
Non Ruminant Management - Poultry
Animal Disease Control and Prevention
Agricultural Economics
Farm power Energy and Mechanization
Food and Human Nutrition
Principles of Plant Protection
Information and Communication Technology
Information Technology
2017 First Semester 1 Computer Hardware
Database Management System
Data Representation and Organization
Mathematics for IT
Personal Computer Application
Structured Programming
Web Development
Quantity Surveying
2017 First Semester 1 Economics
Engineering Mathematics and Statics
Civil Engineering
2017 First Semester 1 Fundamentals of Engineering Surveying
Engineering Surveying I
Electrical Engineering
2017 First Semester 1 Engineering Science
Electrical Principles - A
Common Subjects for Engineering
2017 First Semester 1 Workshop Engineering
Engineering Drawing (A)
Engineering Drawing (B)
Basic Electricity and Electronics
English for Technology I (A)
English for Technology I (B)
Tourism and Hospitality Management
2017 First Semester 1 Tourism Heritage
Principles of Tourism Management
Principles of Tourism Studies
Legal Framework for Tourism Industry
Information Technology I
Business Administration
2017 First Semester 1 Financial Accounting
Business Economics
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