The enrollment of students who have applied to the SLIATE for Academic year 2020 will take place next month.

Uniforms and Tailoring Fees for Drivers and Minor Staff Grades

Your attention is drawn to Chapter XXI of the Establishments Code and subsequent Public Administration Circulars issued in relation to the provisions of providing uniforms and tailoring fees.

02. (a) An allowance of Rs.4000/- shall be paid annually with effect from 01.01.2013 to drivers and officers in Office Employees’ Service instead of the uniforms and tailoring fees provided by the above Public Administration Circulars.
      (b) The Heads of Departments shall take necessary action as per the provisions of Public Administration Circular 27/91 dated 07.08.1991, if the officers who are provided with the allowance mentioned at 02 (a) above refrain from  wearing uniforms during duty hours.

03. The payment shall not be made to officers who have already obtained uniforms and tailoring fees for year 2013 as per the provisions of the Establishments Code and relevant circulars.

04. This circular is issued with the concurrence of the General Treasury.\ \\
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