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Payment of a Monthly Transport Allowance instead of providing Official Vehicles

Your attention is drawn to Public Administration Circular 19/2007 dated 08.08.2007, Public Administration Circular 23/2007 dated 23.10.2007 and Public Administration Circular14/2008 dated 26.06.2008.
02. The monthly transport allowance of Rs. 30,000/- paid for the officers who are entitled for a monthly transport allowance as per the provisions of the above circulars, is revised as Rs. 50,000/- in accordance with the budget proposals 2016 subjected to the following terms and conditions to be effective from 01.01.2016.

i. The vehicle which is used should have been registered in the name of the officer or his/ her spouse in order to receive transport allowance.

ii. The officer who obtains transport allowance shall not use a government vehicle either for an official duty outside his service station for which only his participation is required or any personal purpose.

iii. At such occasions where an officer who obtains transport allowance is to be engaged in special duties outside the service station, such officer shall be paid mileage here in after, as per the provisions of Chapter XIV of the Establishments Code instead of providing additional fuel for the performance of such duties.

v. At such occasions where an officer, who obtains transport allowance, performs the duties of more than one post, to which an official vehicle is entitled, transport allowance and fuel allowance entitled to the substantive post shall strictly be paid and He is not entitled to an Official Vehicle or the allowances mentioned above in relation to the other posts. Mileage shall be paid as per Chapter XIV of the Establishments Code instead of providing additional fuel for special duties which are carried out outside the service station in relation to the posts held in addition to the substantive post.

v. At such occasions where the officer who obtains transport allowance participates in official duties outside the service station with several other officers who are also entitled to official vehicles, group transport facilities shall be arranged for the officers. However, allocation for fuel can be obtained with the personal approval of the Secretary of the Ministry/ Chief Provincial Secretary.

vi. At such occasions where group transport facilities are provided to the officers as per the provisions in Para. 1:3 of Public Administration Circular 22/99 dated 08.10.1999, no officer, who obtains transport allowance shall be entitled to enjoy the group transport facilities.

vii. In case where an officer obtaining transport allowance obtains leave with full pay or no pay for a period of over 30 days, He or She shall not be paid transport allowance or Fuel Allowance for the relevant period.

03. The terms and conditions of the circulars mentioned in Para. 01 above, which are applicable in this regard shall further remain unchanged.

04. This circular is issued with the concurrence of the General Treasury.
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