Distributing 350 new laptop computers among Staff

SLIATE has distributed three hundred fifty (350) new laptop computers with the support of AHED (Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development project of world Bank) project.
The image above shows the symbolical handing over of 1st Laptop computer by Director General on 28th October 2019 to Mrs.J.H.Gunarathna, Deputy Director General(Academic Affairs/Planning and Research).
These laptops were given to the employees of the SLIATE who have been categorized as Academic and Non-academic. Senior lectures, lecturers, Assistant lectures and demonstrators of the academic and academic support staff category and senior and junior executive of the Non-academic categories are entitled to get a new laptop if their official laptop is older than 5 years or they did not get any official laptop.
World Bank has funded this project through the AHED project to enhance the development of the higher education sector in Sri Lanka


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