Registration of students for the 2020 academic year is now underway for the HND programs under the z-score based selections(HNDA, HNDBA, HNDBF, HNDE(Civil,Mechanical, Electrical), HNDBSE, HNDQS and HNDT(Agri)). Mahapola application form and instruction forms are available to download for the students who have registered.

Inter ATI sports Day

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Inter ATI Sports Meet  is  organized annually at different institutes island wide with the intention of providing opportunities for the students

to stage their talents in athletics and games. This event is organized with the purpose to instil sportsman spirit among students and to enhance their physical and social skills.

The Sports Meet  is a great occasion for students  ‘to bond ‘ , ‘celebrate ‘ ,’introduce ‘ and ‘represent’ themselves individually and as well as a team .  This Sports event was initiated with the hope that it would provide the participants a variety of benefits such as building the confidence, self-reliance and can stimulate students to excel academically and can help build their social skills.
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