Registration of students for the 2020 academic year is now underway for the HND programs under the z-score based selections(HNDA, HNDBA, HNDBF, HNDE(Civil,Mechanical, Electrical), HNDBSE, HNDQS and HNDT(Agri)). Mahapola application form and instruction forms are available to download for the students who have registered.

2019 Second semester Proper Examination/ Special Repeat and Year-End Examination

Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE) planned to conduct 2019 ii semester Examinations after reopened the ATIs which have been closed due to the corona virus pandemic.

Examinations of final year students of all courses will be held from 24th Aug. 2020 - to 14th Sep.2020.

Special Repeat and Year-End Examination

The students who applied for Special Repeat Examinations (matching to the proper semester subjects) can sit to the relevant subjects of proper examination at the same time table.  (semester category only)

Other all Proper, Year-End and remained Special Repeat subjects will be delayed until further notice.

The time table will be published within three days


Director (Examinations)


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